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I believe we truly are “all one”. The holistic self branching out and rooting down, infinitely. There is no disconnection, but for that which has been mentally constructed. it is often the body we see suffer due to this disconnection, various pains are stored in the fascial memories.. rather these are memories stored.

We are here, in this magical time, to help restore de universal Qi. To heal not only others, but ourselves as well. using energetic body work, to balance the spiritual and physical. Relax muscle, realign skeletal structure, meridian, whether performing relaxing or deep tissue massage, energy is the essential foundation. With love, it is my wish, to help in the remembrance of peace and balance. Even the tiniest of seed has the potential of greatness.

All our massage therapists carry out their treatments using a set of core skills: empathy, integrity, communication and handwork. It’s by deploying these that we are able to work with clients more effectively to achieve their massage treatment expectations.

ADI – Massage Therapist

Energetic and experienced certified massage therapist with 7+ years of experience in a dynamic environment. Compassionate with sincere and warm approach, eager to provide the most current massage treatments and techniques available while ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience.

In previous roles performed 1,0000+ massage sessions, developed a unique massage style, and maintained a 50% repeat customers rate.

Dedicate to promote health, healing and well-being trough therapeutic massage remedies.

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Through our wide range of massage treatment options – from deep tissue massage to hot stone massage – our trained, professional massage therapists take every care to understand you and your body’s needs to offer a soothing and revitalising massage experience.

All our massage therapy services have one aim in mind: to address and alleviate any symptoms you have that may require professional massage therapy.

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I have been using Massage Renewal for some time now and I’m completely satisfied with its professionals and service. I have done various types of massages which have either helped with my back pain, reduce cellulite, or only for the purpose of relaxation.

I recommend Massage Renewal from the bottom of my heart as you won’t be disappointed!


Massage Renewal’s management strategies are designed to take care of everyone. I found their therapist to be dedicated, experienced, and caring, very positive about the treatment and benefits.

Regular tactile therapy is an important part of wellbeing and provides an excellent opportunity for social interaction through quality one-to-one time. I’m happy to recommend Massage Renewal to anyone looking for a service provider with integrity and experience to provide first-class care.